Friday, August 5, 2011

3 More Things

Where is Frank Drebin?
1. The Sports-Casters Spending Spree

I have been so excited about our fantastic show on Tuesday that I have been on a bit of a spending spree. Someone needs to get here quick and tie me down before Miss Caster snips off my balls. 

It started yesterday when I spent over an hour walking around at Barnes and Noble. I love to walk around and look at all of the books. I hate buying books from Barnes and Noble because they are so damn expensive. I basically walk around the store with my iPhone in hand and the Amazon Price Checker app open. I won't buy any book that is priced $5 higher than Amazon. 

This is what I ended up buying.

- "3 Nights in August, Strategy, Heartbreak and Joy. Inside the Mind of a Manager" by Buzz Bissinger

I have wanted to read this book for a long time and it was perfectly priced at $4.98 thanks to it's inclusion in the bargain books section of the store. 

- "Blood. Sweat and Chalk, The Ultimate Football Playbook: How the Great Coaches Built Today's Game" by Tim Layden 

I am working really hard to try and book Tim Layden on The Sports-Casters. Looking ahead, I figured I would be prepared and read his latest book. It has just been released on paperback and was 20% off. It ended up costing me only $11.99. 

- "The Ultimate Mac How to Handbook No. 5" Presented by Mac Life. 

I made my way to the magazine rack hoping to find a fantasy football magazine or an NFL season preview  magazine. I was really disappointed with the selection. There were three magazines worth my money and I had already purchased them all. Other than those three, the selection sucks this year. This is clearly an underrated casualty of the lockout. ESPN doesn't have a fantasy magazine this year, and the NFL didn't put one out either. 

Anyway, I got suckered into a horrible purchase. I have no one to blame but myself. I walked over to the Apple magazine section and got all pissed off to see that the new Macworld was on the rack but hadn't arrived in my mailbox yet. I didn't see the September edition of Mac Life just yet but I did see this cool looking magazine that seemed to offer ticks, tips, and fun ideas for the Apple products I am proud to own. Instead, I got a magazine full of re-printed articles from the monthly Mac Life magazine I subscribe to already. Price of this awful purchase? $9.99

Last night, I had a craving to watch The Naked Gun. I went to my DVD collection and was shocked to see that I didn't own The Naked Gun. How did I not own this OJ Simpson classic? Today, I wasted no time heading to Best Buy to purchase the complete Naked Gun box set. Instead, I ended up with this collection of Blu Ray and DVD Movies. I am proud to say that none of them were priced higher than that awful magazine purchase. 

-Major League "Wild Thing Edition"
-National Lampoon's Vacation
-Friday Night Lights 

After Best Buy, I stopped at Target and WalMart to try and find a copy of The Naked Gun. NO DICE. Apple to the rescue; I am going to rent The Naked Gun on Apple TV tonight for the small fee of 2.99. I can handle it. 

2. Upcoming Editions of The Sports-Casters 

Besides buying stuff that I don't really need, I have been working on booking the next couple of podcasts. Here is where we are at:

Episode 35

DJ Gallo from ESPN's Page 2 and SportsPickle
Jay Clemons from The National Football Post 
Matt Bowen from The National Football Post

Notes: DJ Gallo is someone I have been chasing for a long time. He has played a little hard to get. We talked a ways back on Twitter and he told me to email him. I never heard back. I tried again a day or two ago and we were able to work it out. Jay Clemons will join us to talk about Fantasy Football. Matt Bowen is a former NFL player and we will talk to him about the upcoming football season. 

Episode 36

Dave Dameshek from NFL.COM
Todd Fritz from the Dan Patrick Show
Don Banks form SI.COM

Notes: Fritz has big shoes to fill as fellow Danette knocked it out of the park on Episode 34 of The Sports-Casters. Don's #1 guest, Dave Dameshek will make his third appearance on the show. He also appeared on episode 4 and 20

Future Guests: 

We have a commitment from Richard Deitsch to preview the NFL/BCS on TV sometime towards the end of the month. I am also working on Tim Layden, Bob Ryan, Dan Levy, Jeff Duncan and Rob Demovsky to preview the Saints vs. Packers season opener. 

3. Fantasy Football Ranking/Five on Fantasy

Don and I have been working on a new show segment called, Five on Fantasy. FoF debuted on Season 1 Episode 32 and has also been on Episode 33 and 34. I am enjoying the segment and we have been trying to mix it up with not only information on the players, but also information on the strategy and the different ways that you can play fantasy football. 

Last week I started my fantasy football top 10's. I started with Wide Receiver, will do QB this week, and RB on episode 36. I also have thrown out some sleepers for WR and will continue to do it for RB and QB. 

Here is a recap of my top 10 Wide Receivers for the 2011 Fantasy Season          

1. Andre Johnson 

2. Roddy White
3. Calvin Johnson
4. Vincent Jackson
5. Hakeem Nicks 
6. Larry Fitzgerald
7. Reggie Wayne 
8. Greg Jennings 
9. Miles Austin
10. Mike Wallace

Here are five sleepers:
Steve Breaston, Lance Moore, Jacoby Ford, Mario Manningham, and Mike Thomas. 

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