Wednesday, April 6, 2011

3 More Podcasts, Updating the Playoffs, a Few Links

3 More Podcasts

The Sports-Casters have been working hard during this busy sports season to cover all of the great sporting events that come around this time of year. This week we previewed The Masters, did a special podcast dedicated to the Boston Red Sox, and recorded the fourteenth official episode of the podcast. Let me help you organize everything. 

The Masters Podcast

My brother Anthony and I hosted a podcast that focuses on golf's biggest event, The Masters.  Here is the rundown:

Masters 3Things
Interview with Zach Rosenfied from Accuscore
Golf Book Club
Interview with Anthony Day of the Waterloo Blackhawks
Masters Pick4

Baseball Bonus #2: The Boston Red Sox

After a Yankees preview show that proved to be much more than that, The Sports-Casters continued the quality baseball preview podcasts by focussing on the Boston Red Sox. 
Here is the rundown:

Red Sox 3Things
Interview with Glenn Stout the editor of the Best American Sports Writing Series
Red Sox Book Recommendations
Interview with Tony Lee of NESN
Red Sox Over/Under

Episode 14: Book Club and Deitsch

Episode 14 of The Sports-Casters featured Richard Deitsch's second appearance on the podcast. Also, Jeff Duncan of the New Orleans Times-Picayune made his first of two appearances. Here is the rundown:

Interview with Richard Deitsch
Frozen Four Preview
Interview with Jeff Duncan 
Pick 4

Updating the NHL Playoff Picture

In my last blog, I went over all of the potential playoff matchups and what matchup I thought would be the best for the Sabres in round one. I haven't changed my mind and still consider Boston to be the best matchup and Washington to be the worst. I am close to thinking that Philadelphia might be the best first round opponent. Philadelphia has had a rough time finishing out a fantastic season. 

Through 80 games, with two remaining, these would be the playoff matchups in the Eastern Conference:

1. Washington vs. 8. New York Rangers

This would be a dream first round series for NBC. The biggest stat versus the biggest market. The Rangers took a huge hit with the ankle injury to Rochester, NY native Ryan Callahan. Interesting stat, with 224 goals, the Capitals would enter the playoffs with the lowest goals for total in the Eastern Conference. 

2. Philadelphia vs. 7. Buffalo

The Sabres have the most points in the NHL since February 22, 2011. The Ryan Miller injury was a scare, but Enroth has filled in seamlessly and the break could be just what Miller needed headed into the playoffs. Philadelphia is going the opposite direction of the Sabres having won only three of their last ten games. The scary thing about the Flyers is they are third in the league averaging 3.1 goals a game. They are consistent scorers. When was the last time the Flyers had a stud goalie?

3. Boston vs. 6. Montreal

This classic original six rivalry even has Bill Simmons excited about hockey season. The hardest thing about playing the Bruins is a best of seven series will prove to be how physical they are. I am not sure they can score enough to win, but I know they will pound the hell out of whoever is in front of them for sixty minutes. I honestly believe that Montreal won't be able to win in the era of 24/7 media. The pressure in Montreal is to much for any team especially the goaltender. Carey Price is a good goaltender, but if he plays one bad game in the playoffs the media will be too intense. 

4. Pittsburgh vs. 5. Tampa Bay

Despite not playing since January, Sidney Crosby still leads the Penguins in points with 66. Yes, 66. Kris Letang is second on the team with 49 points but only 8 goals. Evgeni Malkin is not coming back. Sidney Crosby's status is questionable, but somehow the Penguins have over 100 points. Dan Bylsma would get my vote for coach of the year. The Penguins have the #1 penalty kill in the league. Tampa is a team that everyone is lining up to play in the playoffs because they have average overall talent, but that could be a mistake. To win in the playoffs you often needs your stars to be stars and if nothing else Tampa has big time stars. Lecavalier, and St. Louis have already won a cup, and their biggest star Steven Stamkos will be ready to make his playoff debut. 

 The Links

  • Jeff Duncan is the author of this month's book club book of the month, "From Bags to Riches."
  • Glenn Stout authored an incredible book about 9/11 called, "Nine Months at Ground Zero"
  • Keep an eye on the NHL Standings
  • Anthony is a big fan of John Feinstein and his book, "Open."
  • This is intense.
  • Carter Camper signed with the Boston Bruins. 
  • Anthony's USHL team is closing in on a playoff spot
  • I am having fun checking out this cool App called, Hitpad.
  • Are you watching The Kennedys?
  • What do you think of the 2011 NFL Draft day hat?
Say goodnight, precious.

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