Saturday, February 26, 2011

BYU Dominates, Groceries, Kansas Dominating

I just got back from the grocery store and you can clearly see that my purchases are similar to that of the Chef preparing for the Royal Wedding. I can almost guarantee that at least one of those ice creams will be empty by my 4AM cab call (Cabs are here!!!).

The Sports-Casters game of the week was #6 San Diego State hosting #7 BYU. I was excited to check it out and see how SDST looked. I am familiar with Jimmer and BYU, but SDST has been a mystery to me all season. A few weeks ago on the podcast, Luke Winn kind of dismissed SDST as being a team that he didn't think would be anything more than a Sweet-16 team at best. About ten minutes into the game it was pretty much over. Jimmer was launching threes from the set of Big Love and it seemed like their was a ten-point gap the whole game. It was one of those games that during the tournament always seems to be played when there is nothing else to click over to. Final Conclusion: BYU is the class of Mountain West and SDST must have been sweet at football when Marshall Faulk played.

Don and I both picked against Oklahoma on the podcast this week. Don always tries to use one of our guest's alma mater for his host's choice. He struck gold this with with Oklahoma playing Kansas. Sure this game is in Norman, but they could probably have played this game in the lot of an Arby's and Oklahoma still would have taken a spanking. Down 12 at the half as I write this, its sad how bad Oklahoma has fallen since Blake Griffin left. Jeff Capel told Sooner Nation he was going to be a great recruiter because he was fluent in rap music and could connect with young kids. Well, his recruits are as fly as Kurtis Blow and the team is days away from going on probation and losing any relevance on campus that they might have had. When does spring practice start?

Alright, I am going to break into that ice-cream and get ready to for the rush of girls into the house to "get ready."

A few links for you to check out before my next blog...

  • Luke Winn has the absolute best power rankings column on the internet.
  • I am really enjoying the tweets from this blog that focuses on the NFL Draft. I am trying to get someone from the site to come on the show after the combine. 
  • Apple relaunched their MacBookPro line Thursday and I was their to purchase a 15inch.
  • Netflix is streaming the Freakonomics documentary and I watched it last night. It was as excellent as I thought. 

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