Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cookies, Getting Ready, Pick 4, Sabres, Booking the 3-1 show

Good lord! Females are a strange breed. Tonight, I witnessed my girlfriend and her best friend making cookies shaped as male genitalia and then decorating them every way you can think of. Some of the poor cookies were ejaculating. The whole process was making me wonder more and more, "What the hell goes on at a bachelorette party?"

After the cookies, the girls escaped into the bedroom for an hour of giggling, tickle fights, makeup, and hair products. They emerged rather beautiful. My girlfriend obviously the prettier of the two.

Pick 4 Update

Pick 4 was strange this week because although we make our picks separately, three of the categories ended up being the same:

Game of the Week, BYU over SDST (80-67)

Steve: SDST (0-1)
Don: SDST (0-1)

World  Wide Leader, Kansas over Oklahoma (82-70)

Steve: Kansas (1-1)
Don: Kansas (1-1)

Host's Choice, Sabres over Thrashers (4-1)

Steve (2-1)
Don (2-1)

Bold Prediction

Steve: After starting the home-stand 0-3, the Sabres would finish it 3-3
Don: Tim Connolly will be traded before episode 8 of The Sports-Casters

Don is going to have to wait a few more days to find out if his bold prediction will make him 3-1 or 2-2.

Steve had the Sabres pegged just right as they beat the Thrashers on Pegula Night, then beat an AHL Senators team on Friday, only to watch a 2-1 lead against the Red Wings slip away with less than a minute left and then lose in the shootout. Overall, a tough way to finish 2-2 this week. 

If Tim Connolly is traded, Don and Steve will be tied with 18-11 records. 

What Would I Do if I were the Sabres GM?

The NHL trade deadline is coming on Monday and the rumors are everywhere. A few of the better ones I may or may not have heard:

  • The Capitals have had it with Ovechkin's lack of scoring touch this season and they are looking to move him for a top prospect and The Social Network on Blu Ray (That thing is loaded with bonus features. (E4)
  • Even Lemieux isn't buying the headache story anymore Sidney. Kid Crosby is just too much of a baby for the rough, tough, hypocritical Pens. If you want Crosby it might only take a couple of draft picks, the Kim Kardashian sex tape, and a left handed d-man who can move the puck on the power play and move players from the front of his net with tough body checks. (E2)
  • With Eric Johnson being traded, the door is open to move top overall picks. Steven Stamkos could be out in Tampa Bay. He just really wants to play in a natural hockey city like Atlanta, Phoenix, Kansas City, or Dallas. (E5)
I may be exaggerating but the silliness of the trade deadline grows and grows as the pace of the media speeds up with blogging, and twitter, and podcasts, and all of the other stuff we do at Sports-Casters. It isn't our fault though, many other people started this evil trend well before we did. Ok so on to the Sabres:

I would first make a decision about the back-up goalie situation. I would like to be able to let Miller rest another 3-5 times and to do that I have to be able to believe the guy in net can get us some points in those games. It is clear the Sabres don't think Lalime is that guy so he is just wasting space and collecting a paycheck. 

I think this is how I would fix it. I would try to trade Lalime for a 6-7th round pick. If no one bites I would put him on waivers and call up Enroth. I know they don't like him sitting when he could be playing in Portland but playing 3-5 meaningful games in the show and then get my feel wet watching Miller in the playoffs. 

Next is Defense, every team in the league if they could would trade for a puck moving defenseman that can hit and score a goal here and then. The problem is they are very hard to find and very expensive. Now that Rivet is gone, let's take a look at what we have:

#1 Myers, Butler (Sekera)
#2 Montadour, Morrisonn
#3 Weber, Leopold 

#1- Myers has best Sabre ever upside. He is a rare talent and the single greatest asset in the entire organization. Butler and Sekera are the two guys that need to earn their spot in the lineup every night. 
#2- These two are looked at as solid, dependable, veterans. 
#3- Weber is tough and has a lot of upside. Leopold is good in the o-zone but not as much in his own end. 

So the way I look at it, we could use a good puck moving defenseman. (HA) I would probably stand pat and go with the seven we have. The top 5 have been good and only the 6th spot could realistically be upgraded at the deadline. Personally, I think Sekera can put it all together in the playoffs and get some solid production out of that sixth spot. I seen him do it at the Olympics last winter and I think he can do it again.

Last is forward and this is really tricky. Everyone and their sister's cousin that isn't white but your not really sure what she is wants to see Tim Connolly run out of town. I don't have a problem with it as long as the Sabres end the day with an NHL Center coming back. I am not okay with Hecht being the #1 center. The Sabres are solid at Wing, Stafford, Vanek, Ennis, and Pominville are nice top 6 wingers and Kaleta, Grier, and Gerbe works on the bottom 6. Neidermayer is a problem.  So lets say they trade Connolly for a similar #2 NHL center looking for a fresh start and swap out #20 for a double order of Duffs.  After all this, the Sabres would look like this after the deadline

Miller, Enroth

Myers, Sekera
Montadour, Morrisonn
Weber, Leopold

Vanek, Hetch, Stafford
Gerbe, Gaustad, Greier
Kaleta, McCormick, Duff's Chicken Wings

Only a few subtle details, but I think the team is much better this way. Connolly gets his fresh start and Buffalo off his back. Our new center feels the same way (Stephen Weiss?) and the whole team is improved with drumstick playing hard in the corners on the fourth line. 

Booking the March 1st Episode of The Sports-Casters

People often ask me how did you get the guest for the podcast. It seems to me that each guest has their own story and the blog would be the perfect place to share some of these stories. 

The first guest on episode 8 is Sean Leahy from the Puck Daddy blog on Yahoo Sports! When we had Dameshek on for the Super Bowl show he recommended Leahy and said he would be a fantastic guest. I looked him up on Twitter and sent off a message. We decided he would make a great guest after the trade deadline and we booked it for 3-1. It was a pretty easy one. 

The second guest is Jon Wertheim one of the greatest American Sports Writers of all time. It was obviously a little more difficult to book. It started when we has Richard Deitsch from Sports-Illustrated on the third show. Richard explained to me that everyone at SI has the same email address FIRSTNAME_LASTNAME@SIMAIL.COM He gave me Jon's email and I didn't even have to ask for it. Then I emailed Jon and said I would love to read his book but I cant get a response from the publisher. He wrote right back and gave me a direct email to his girl over there and his book was in the mail the next day and at my doorstep by the end of the week. I wrote Jon back and thanked him for helping me get the book and I asked him if he would come on the show and talk about it with him, and he said no problem. 

Alright, I am going to watch a little Goodfellas and eat a little of that ice cream. One more blog post later. 


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