Saturday, February 26, 2011

Welcome to the Blog

I have spent the last couple of weeks agonizing over how this blog would look. What purpose should it serve? Do people really want to listen to me talk on the podcast for over an hour on the podcast and then read what I have to say on top of it?

Initially, I thought the blog would just serve as a compliment to the podcast. It would be a list of links to information that came up on the podcast and other information that could just compliment The Sports-Casters.

Then, I changed my mind. I figured I would treat the blog as sports page column in the Buffalo News. I would write these pieces that are well researched and thought out and then would end up in, "The Greatest American Sports Writing Anthology."

My last idea was that I could use this space to do some live blogging. The "Pick 4" Game of the Week came to mind first. I should live blog our featured game and give my unique insight as the action progresses. Yea, that's it, live blogging.

Well, after considering all of those great options I decided that my blog didn't have to be anything specific. My blog could be a combination of all of those things. If I have an idea for a column, I plan on writing it. If there is some information that I think would compliment the podcast then I will post a bunch of links. If I want to live blog, then sure live blogs it will be.

I think this is the real appeal to the idea of blogging. The space is always there to share your thoughts in whatever way makes the most sense at that date and time.

Here is the idea for today. Its Saturday, and my girlfriend is getting ready to go to a bachelorette party tonight. She is running around all day and just being a girl. So, I am going to be a man and write all day long. I have to pick her up at 4:00 AM and it is just after 3:00 PM now and my day is jam packed with activities that you might want to hear my thoughts on today. Its going to be a mega-blowout, ultra, maximum blogging debut.

Here is what's on tap:

3:00-4:00: BYU vs. SDST (The Sports-Casters Game of the Week)
4:00-7:00: I have to make a trip to Tops and get some cash out of the bank for Tammy's festivities this evening. There is going to be some cookie making in the house and a group of girls are coming over "to get ready" for the party tonight. I will get some pics guys.
7:00-8:00: Sabres vs Redwings My bold predication is on the line as the Sabres have the chance to finish the home-stand that started 0-3, 3-0.
8:00-10:30: I will have both televisions cranking as the Sabres should be in the second period as the puck drops in Cedar Rapids for the USHL game between the Cedar Rapids Roughriders (CFL?) and the Waterloo Blackhawks. My brother is #14 for the Blackhawks and getting the chance to watch him play USHL games is a huge thrill for me.
10:30-4:00: I have no idea what I will do during this bock of time, but I am sure it will be fascinating to blog about.

Alright, lets do this.

Welcome to the blog of Steven Bennett the co-host of the hit podcast, The Sports-Casters and the worlds #1 Son/Boyfriend.

Game on...

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  1. I think that one of my favorite things about the way that your write your blog is the incorporation of photos. Oft a bad writer lacks the ability to create imagery via their word choice. A good writer doesnt have that problem. A better writer cuts to the chase and does both. I guess you could say that children's books had the right idea. Let us use our imagination and then prove we had it right all along. As a fellow blogger I see where you are going and I enjoy it.