Wednesday, May 18, 2011

3 More Things

Behind the Scenes of Episode 20

  1. Starting with this very column, we thought our listeners might be interested in some of the stuff that happens while we record the podcast. For example, last night I spent a lot of time prepping to interview Peter King. I was working in the office at my house not the space that we showed off in the blog last week. I thought you might like to see a picture of where a few of the interviews and almost all of the research and prep for the show is completed. As you can see, a giant Drew Brees cutout is always near to inspire. I usually set up my ipad next to my MacBookPro so that I can use it as a second screen and store some of the information I need handy on that screen. My table is hideous and needs to be upgraded. If anyone wants to sent me a table, great.

  2. Today was the most efficient yet time consuming day in the history of The Sports-Casters. We were due to interview Peter King at 4:05 and I settled into my chair at around 3:35. I got everything up and running and Don arrived just in time to dial up Mr. King. When we finished with him, we had about an hour until our next interview with Reggie Smith. Instead of wasting the time, we recorded 3Things and then the book club update. During the book club update, I mentioned that all of the books come with cliff notes. Below is the picture of the first page of the press junket that came with our copy of The Captain. At 5:30 we did a half an hour with Reggie Smith and it started slow. I think as the interview went on and Reggie got to be more comfortable with us and it turned more conversational and there was one great moment where Reggie almost wanted to say Adrian Peterson was a better running back than his teammate, Frank Gore. We finished with Reggie around 6:00 and then we quickly threw together an intro and an out for the Athlete Spotlight and then Don pieced it up and had it posed on iTunes and the website by around 6:15 PM EST. We weren't scheduled to interview Dave Dameshek until 9:00 PM EST. So we played a game called, waiting for the Dave, and a picture of us playing said game is just above this text( I played invisible). In honesty, we used the downtime to talk about how we would change the podcast for season two. The plan as it stands right now is to work through June and call the end of season one on June 28th. Then we would take the month of July off and return for season two spending the entire month of August previewing the NCCA and NFL football seasons. Don suggested that we get rid of Pick4 and close with 3MoreThings. It is a lot to think about, but in the meantime, we have six more podcasts until the break.

    3.  To go with the 20th Episode of The Sports-Casters, I have some links for you to find some of the things that were mentioned on the show today. First off, it wont be hard for you to find the link to the GQ article that Steve mentioned during his three things, but when your finished, check out this article that has surfaced on Entertainment Weekly's website...We talked about a fun project that ESPN is doing ranking all of the helmets. I am shocked the Saints are not #1, insulted to see them outside of the top 5, and furious to be ranked 11. Have these people seen this glorious helmet recently?...Peter King mentioned that Rick Gosselin from Dallas is the best at "mocking the draft."...Dave Dameshek has a brand new podcast at NFL.COM and we thought it was difficult to find. I want to make sure you know exactly where it is... We mentioned that today was the 20th anniversary of this goal by Mario Lemieux... Don, Dave, and I all talked about some of the great players who have worn #20... 
    Brees, could you please say goodnight?

    Thanks, Pretty Girl....

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