Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Behind the Scenes of Episode 19

Episode 19 of The Sports-Casters in one of the best episodes that we have done so far. The good news is that it means we are getting better, progressing, and always booking current guests. The bad news is that we still are around 125 followers on twitter, 113 "likes" on facebook, and out best downloaded shows are very much dependent on if our guest was nice enough to tweet about their appearance. Building an audience is tough, sometimes people get pissed if you try to promote your work, other times its uncomfortable to ask others to promote your work, and all the time you want nothing more than for people to hear your work. It isn't easy to get Jason LaCanfora, Zach Rosenfield, and Wes Bunting to make themselves available for a podcast they probably haven't heard of. It takes way more no thank-you's and flat out ignored tweets/emails just to get a maybe and finally a yes. I am not complaining, its fun, and booking guests is a challenge I have been pretty successful at. 

Think about this, Jeff Passan appeared on the first episode of this show. Since then, Joe Posnanski, Lee Jenkins, Luke Winn, Jon Wertheim, Deuce McAllister, Dave Dameshek and many other of sports media's most influential voices have set aside time to talk to us. It really has been a thrill. 

After that rant, I thought it might be cool to show you some pictures of where the podcast is recorded and some of the equipment we use.

This is a cool photo I took using an app called 360 Panorama that stitches together a series of photos to give you a really cool view of the studio where we record. Let's take a closer look at what you are looking at in this picture. 

This is host Don Russ's station. You can see his headphones, his laptop, and his ultra lame wallpaper. What in the world is with the flowers. Shame Donald, shame. 

This is the much cooler, hipper, and happening station for host Steve Bennett. You are looking at a brand new MacBook Pro 15inch model just released in February. Also, you can see my ipad2, nicely standing via the Book Arc Stand for iPad by twelve south. Also sneaking in is a bottle of iClean by Monster. If you are looking to clean an iPhone, iPadd, MacBook, or iMac this is the stuff you want. The picture on my iPad is Mark Ingram proudly holding the Saints jersey that he was given second after he was drafted

In this picture you can see the board that we use. For some reason we us mic #2 and #3. The other light that you see is Don's laptop going into the board so we can record the interviews that we do over skype. You can't quite see it here, but mic #1 is and a chair are there for when we have a third person in studio. 

I put this specific photo in black and white because I think this desktop computer was purchased in the 1700's. I wish that we were doing the podcast at my place so we could record on my iMac. In the meantime, we connect to this computer and record the show on Audacity and later edit all of the parts together and post it all on the internet. 

 This last shot is some of the other stuff in the room. The silver computer case with the speakers on top is the one connected to the monitor in the above picture. The black computer case is a giant dust collector that does nothing for nobody. The bag on the left is the bag that Don brings his laptop in. The other blue bag is one that I got for free when I subscribed to Sports Illustrated and appears to have my wallet and some Apple power supply cords in it. This picture is fascinating. 

A couple of more things:

  • I spent some time tonight updating the message board on the Sports-Casters website. For now, the message board is more of a Sports-Casters Wiki page. There is a ton of information about the episodes, guests, and of course the book club.
  • We mentioned on the show tonight that a good friend of mine is collecting money to donate to the National Kidney Foundation. Here is the link to his page on the official site. For more information, make sure you follow Josh on twitter
  • Here is the link to our pal Dave Dameshek's new podcast on 
  • Jason and I talked about this list that the NFL Network is working on.
  • Wes Bunting was very kind to come on the podcast two times in three weeks. Today, we focused on his grades for the drafts of teams in the AFC and NFC.
  • If you are interested in owning a copy of the book "At the Fights" compiled by John Schulian and Colum McCann send me an email and let me know what grade Wes Bunting gave the Saints draft. I will take all of the correct answers and pull a random name out of my hat.
We will be back next Tuesday for Episode 20 and an interview with Dave Dameshek and more.

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