Thursday, May 26, 2011

3 More Things

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  1. Episode #21 of the podcast was another strong program. Adam Schefter represented what I hope will be a stronger ESPN presence on the podcast. Don had this story on three things and also this one. Schefter was the first guest on the podcast and we talked about his experiences with John Elway, the frustrations of the lockout, and the way twitter has changed what he does. We were really hoping to get a tweet from Schefter to his 500,000 followers, but he told me that he felt doing so would be narcissistic. Next up was an awesome spot with Ben Nicholson-Smith from the biggest baseball blog on the internet. The interview with Ben was cool because we just went from topic to topic, question to question, and covered a ton of ground in the twenty minutes we talked. Finally, we debuted a new segment called 32 Teams, 32 Blogs and our Guinea pig was a great dude named Ty for an awesome blog called, The Lions in Winter. Ty made me very excited to continue the segment and work on more guests from more blogs. Check out last week's show on our website at http:/// 
  2. Today I started reading, "Those Guys Have All the Fun: Inside the World of ESPN" by James Miller and Tom Shales. These guys teamed up a few years ago on the New York Times Bestseller about the history of Saturday Night Live. I have been tracking down this book and this interview since before we started the podcast. The first contact I made with the publisher was in January and I have been rushing to the door every morning since they lifted the book off embargo hoping for my copy of the book to arrive. It still hasn't. Instead, I got the last copy at Barnes and Noble and started researching for the interview on Tuesday. This is going to be a challenging interview because James Miller has been everywhere promoting this book. He has done podcasts, the Dan Patrick Show, Jim Rome, Tony Kornheiser, and just about every other spot under the sun. Can I fins something unique to ask him? Can I do as good of a job as some of the monsters of the industry? Can I do a better job? I know I will be prepared. Also this week, there is a good chance that we will have 2 podcasts. Besides Miller, L. Jon Wertheim is joining us again to talk about his piece on Tiki Barber in this week's edition of Sports Illustrated. Also, Glenn Davis from the super cool blog, Sports Grid, will join us to talk about his unique take on covering sports. We also are chasing a couple of other thing and will probably have enough for two shows. I am excited.
  3. The Sports-Casters are going to be covering a really cool hockey league called, The FHL. The FHL is an awesome summer hockey league that features all of the best Pro, D1, and Junior hockey players in the Buffalo area. Pat Kane, Tim Kennedy, Peter and Mike Ratchuk, Kevin Quick, and Vinny Scarsella and Cory Conacher will all do Athlete Spotlight podcasts with us. Also, we will do a couple live blogs from the site of the FHL starting with opening week this Sunday. We are excited to see what else the relationship between the FHL and The Sports-Casters will bring. Make sure to stop back Sunday night for the live blog of the first week of the 2011 season. 
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