Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tweeting with Dave Justice

Is this sort of like playing Jeopardy on the Wheel of Fortune?

May 31, 2011 should be one of those days, when we are retired and look back at the ride, that the Sports-Casters took a small step towards becoming a small podcast with great content to a large podcast with great content. We had the chance to create two podcasts. The first podcast, or episode 22, featured my interview with James Andrew Miller (author of, "Those Guys Have All the Fun"), and an interview with Glenn Davis (not that Glenn Davis) from Sports Grid.

The second podcast, or episode 23, featured an NBA Finals preview with Lee Jenkins from Sports Illustrated, and an interview with Jon Wertheim from Sports Illustrated about a column he wrote about Tiki Barber

We also did something completely different, we interviewed Dave Justice on twitter.  The back story is this. A couple of weeks back, I was watching the YES Network during a Yankees raid delay and caught a replay of the homer that Justice hit to win the 2000 ALCS. I did a quick Google search to see if Justice was on twitter, and I found out that he had just joined. I started to chat him up and try to get him to do an Athlete Spotlight with us. Justice wanted to do a twitter interview so that's what we did. It was kind of uncharted territory for us, but any opportunity, is an opportunity.  So, here is our twitter interview with David Justice. I took the liberty to clean up some of the language when it was clear that we were just trying to save space to get the thought in.

@sports_casters: Growing up in Cincinnati was baseball always the sport you dreamed of playing? Any football?

@just_ice23: Growing up in Cincy, my fovorite and best sport was basketball, football then baseball. If I had a choice, I would've loved to have played in the NBA.

SC: Growing up what NBA player did you like to watch the most? Did you have a favorite team? What led you to baseball?

DJ: My favorite basketball player as a kid was George Gervin. My favorite baseball team as a kid was the Big Red Machine, without a doubt. I played first base and wore 24 like Tony Perez. I played a lot at the local boys & girls club and that was my intro to baseball as well as billiards and ping pong.

SC: That's funny because I wore #23 because of you. How did you get from 24 to 23?

DJ: #23 was the number the Braves gave me. I never requested it. I didn't care what number I wore as long as it was a big league uniform.

SC: You were the 1991 N.L. Rookie of the Year,  how does that compare to other honors in baseball?

DJ: Actually I was the 1990 ROY. It was special because you get only one chance to win it, but then u have to answer questions regarding a Sophomore jinx.

SC: Do you think only winning one championship (1995) during the Braves run of division championships (1991-2006) diminishes the overall accomplishment?

DJ: Not at all. It's hard to win championships. The team that commits the least amount of mistakes wins. We should've won in 1991.

SC: You hit a HR to win the World Series for Atlanta and later hit a HR to win the ALCS for the Yankees.

DJ: Those two home runs were the biggest in my career, no doubt.

SC: You have played with a long list of HoF pitchers. Maddux, Smoltz, Glavine, ect. Who was the best?

DJ: Maddux was obviously the most consistent over his career. Smoltzie was the most athletic. He was a closer and starter! If Smoltzie didn't have the injuries, he would've had an event better career. I changed my mind,  Maddux and Smoltzie tie for the best!

SC: Is making the playoffs every year of your career something you are most proud of? Plenty of Major Leagues have hit 40 home runs, but few go to the post season  every year.

DJ: Team-wise.. I'm most proud that although we lost 2 World Series (1991, 1992), we persevered and finally got it done in 1995.

SC: Last question, What brought you to twitter? What do you like/dislike about it? Do you want to do more TV work?

DJ: brought me to twitter, and I love the opportunity to interact with everybody. TV work? Maybe again in the future.

SC: Thanks for doing this. Hopefully someday we can get you on the podcast and talk a bit more. Thanks for #23, its on my back and in my family forever.

DJ: You did it my way. Next time we will do it your way. 

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  1. I have to say as an old friend the #23 comment made me tear up a little bit. I know that this comment may be something that only a small group of folks understand but for me that number has been a bit of a call sign for the last 12 or more years. I love to see it creep back in and get some recognition from time to time. Well played.