Wednesday, March 30, 2011

3 Podcasts, The Links, and a Story Only Told Here...

The Sports-Casters Have an Ambitious Week

The Sports-Casters worked extra hard this week producing three original pieces of media. Last week was the first time The Sports-Casters posted two podcasts in a week, and this week they upped the ante again. Below is a description of each podcast with the direct link to that specific show. 

Episode 13

Episode 13 has a little backstory that you will only read on this blog. On Tuesday, Don and I met at the studio at 5:00 and prepared to do a spot with Zach from Accuscore that was to feature a guest appearance by, "The Ed." We called Zach, and he needed a little more time. We called him again at 5:30 and everything was set to go. We interviewed Zach for a solid twenty minutes and then brought along the end and proceeded for a bit longer. Afterwords, we had two other interviews to record and some other stuff (3Things, Pick4, ect.) to do that took until around 9:30. When we went to edit episode 13 together the interview with Zach and Ed had vanished. We scrambled to get a hold of Zach and Ed to see if they could re-do it, but only Ed was available. 

Don and I were very frustrated with the first technical disaster in the history of The Sports-Casters, but there was nothing we could do about it. Ed was nice enough to give us another chance, and Zach will be back next week to talk about our bet and an Accuscore baseball preview. 

Episode 13, despite any technical  disaster, turned out to be one of our best episodes yet. 

Here is the rundown:

An interview with Ed Miller
A Book Club Update
An interview with Sweeny Murti fro WFAN in New York

Here is the Link:

Baseball Bonus Show #1

Baesball Bonus Show #1 was recorded Tuesday night and focusses on The New York Yankees.  We tracked down the proprietors from the best two Yankee's blogs on the internet, Alex Belth from the BronxBanterBlog and Travis Goldman from the PinstripeAlley blog as part of the SB Nation. 

Alex Belth ended up being a home run when we discovered he had worked on The Big Lebowski, the Ken Burns documentary "Baseball" and organized an incredible book of essays about Yankee Stadium called, "Lasting Yankee Stadium Memories: Unforgettable Tales from the House that Ruth Built." The conversation was fascinating, entertaining, and listening back it goes by in a flash. 

Travis Goldman went deep into the Yankee roster with us and gave a very detailed interview similar to the one we did with Sweeny Murti on Episode 13. 

Here is the rundown:

Intro/3Things (Yankees Edition)
An interview with Alex Belth
A Yankees Book Club Edition
An interview with Travis Goldman
An Over/Under segment featuring Yankees over/unders

Here is the Link:

Athlete Spotlight #1: Carter Camper

At the last minute, we were able to secure an interview with NCAA Hockey star Carter Camper from the University of Miami (OH). Carter is the first athlete to sit down with us for an in-depth interview that covered his career as a junior hockey player all the way to Miami's early exit from the NCAA Ice Hockey Tournament last weekend. 

Carter is a great kid from Rocky River, Ohio. He was very candid, open, and truthful. He answered every question with class and handled his business like a seasoned pro. 

Here is the Link:

I have a handful of links to share that are meant to compliment the three podcasts that we released this week. 

  • Sweeny Murti is a solid follow on twitter if you are interested on Yankees information. He has been on the beat since 2001 and his information is usually first and fast. 
  • The Ed has his own website.
  • Steve mentioned that he was going through the 1998 edition of the Best American Sports Writing Series.  
  • Dont forget to check out Accuscore. Our buddy Zach has an interesting column about the odds that the Final Four would be what it is. 
  • Alex Belth has a fantastic blog about the Yankees and living in New York City. 
  • Travis Goldman runs the Yankess blog on SB Nation. 
  • Steve announced a contest that could have you reading this book by the beginning of next week. 
  • Steve also announced that this book will be the Book Club book of the month for April.
  • Alex Belth has published a book about Yankee Stadium and a collection of columns by sports writer Pat Jordan. 
  • Steve is now contributing blogs for the New Orleans Saints blog on the SB Nation. He has posted two articles that have a combined 150 comments in the fist week.
  • The books recommended on the Yankees podcast are The Yankees Years by Tom Verducci, The Last Night of the Yankees Dynasty by Buster Olney, The Last Boy by Jane Leavy, and the Alex Belth book mentioned above. 
  • Almost everyone asked mention this book as a must read for Yankees fans. 
  • Carter Camper has some unbelievable numbers at college and was a fantastic student
On a personal note: Our poor little doggie Brady is out for the season after a torn ACL hunting in the woods last Sunday. He limped around our house Sunday and was a sad little dog. He cuddled on the couch and asked if he could say goodnight to everyone. 

So, Say goodnight Brady....

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