Monday, March 7, 2011

Home After a Great Weekend

Covelli Centre Staff

I spent most of the weekend in the abandoned Youngstown, Ohio. Youngstown is typical of many of the cities I have been to in Ohio, and that is to say it is a total dump. I have no problem with Cleveland, Cleveland feels like Buffalo, but outside of that the state is in hideous disarray. Toledo is the worst city I have ever been to in the entire United States of America, and I have been to Detroit. Anyway, right now we are talking complaining about Youngstown so here is my list of complaints compiled in only a short 36-hour stay:

  • When we arrived at the hotel, my Mom (always very anxious on these trips) suggested that we all make our way downtown to find some dinner before the game. This was out of the question. There is not a single light lit in the city of Youngstown on a Saturday night. 
  • Why is it the Covelli Centre and not the Covelli Center? Canada is 195 miles away. Centre?
  • The Covelli Centre is obnoxiously loud. The music is obnoxious. The in-house production was obnoxious and minor-league. 
  • After the game, we were visiting with my brother. It was a large group so everyone was fighting for a few minutes with Anthony. There were many families attempting to visit with their loved one and apparently spent too long doing it for the Covelli CentRE staff. The swarmed the area in their piss yellow jackets and screamed and hollered for everyone to get out and to get out now. I seen one annoyed guard smack a little baby across the face with his walkey-talky. These yellow coats proved to be the scum of a city filled with scum and disparity. Go to hell Covelli CentRe.

The Sports-Casters Season 1 Episode 9

The next episode of The Sports-Casters is all booked and ready to go. Dave Dameshek will make his second appearance on the show to yap about sports and attempt to calm a neurotic Shek Republic.

Also on the show, Greg Wyshnski the editor of the Puck Daddy Blog on Yahoo Sports is also making his second appearance on the show. Greg is a big Devils fan and we will found out what has led to their 20-2-2 record over the last 24 games. We will also try to sort out the crowded playoff races in both conferences. 

The show will also feature regular features "Pick 4" and "3 Things" will be in their regular spots. Also, The Sports-Casters @ The Movies returns with the guys taking a look back at Major League staring, Charlie Scheen and Wesley Snipes. 

I like to get your week started with a few fantastic links. Here they are:

  • Have you looked at the iPad2 yet?
  • Friend of the podcast has a great piece in this week's Sports Illustrated on Derrick Rose. Here is a piece he did for the website.
  • Friend of the podcast Joe Posnanski has a new found passion in sports, hating Labron James. 
  • The gloriousness of thus app is going to be the subject of one of my three things this week.
  • Lots of the books that are eligible for this month's book club can be found here for very low prices.

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  1. Be sure to ask Dameshek the hard hitting questions the fans want to know.

    Like what is his favorite condiment and who wore #24 the best.