Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Podcast Twits, Top 3 Apps

The Podcast is Growing...

I cant help but think that The Sports-Casters will someday have an audience that at this very moment, I can't fathom. Don and I started this project only two and a half months ago. Sure, the guests have always been solid, and form a technical standpoint TSC has always been polished beyond its years, but that doesn't guarantee listeners. That is what we are learning. We are learning how to gain listeners. We are figuring out how to carry momentum from one podcast to the next. Sometimes, I am stunned by the people that don't listen to the podcast. I compare it to an election. Every money grubbing, lying, underachieving politician to ever run for office goes into election day assuming that a set group of people will absolutely vote for them. I feel that way about my podcast, when I created it, I counted on an indefinite group of people listening to the podcast every week. The thing that I have learned, and I am sure many shell shocked politicians (Truman won?) have learned as well, is that just assuming those people will listen isn't good enough. They might forget to vote/listen. They might not know how to vote/listen. The hardest one to take is that regardless of any relationship they may have with you, in the end, they couldn't give to shits about The Sports-Casters and don't listen (vote). Learning things like this have got us to the point where we are taking the proper steps that will lead us to building an audience. 

Anyway, this week has been a fantastic one for the podcast. We have so many people that want to come onto the fake radio and talk to us that we are faced with another two-hour show. I like to make sure the show stays somewhere in-between an hour and an hour and a half (exceptions made for super, mega, ultra, huge podcasts). As I played with the schedule for this week's podcast and estimated the interview lengths, I realized that this podcast had no chance to stay south of 1:30. I thought about splitting it into two parts, but that was a bit of a fiasco the last time we tried it. In the end, I decided it was time for The Sports-Casters to have its first TWO show week. 

So here is where we are going this week, 

Season 1 Episode 11: The Sports-Casters Go Back to School
(This podcast will focus in its entirety on College Sports)

1. Show Open/3Things (college centric)
2. Interview with Zach Rosenfield
3. Book Club Update with a special look at this article about John Chaney
4. Interview with Ken Schott to discuss the NCAA Division 1 Hockey Tournament
5. Pick 4 (college only)

Season 1 Episode 12: The Sports-Casters go Pro
(This podcast will focus in its entirety on Pro Sports)

1. Show Open/3Things (Pro Sports)
2. Interview with Jonah Keri
3. Book Club Update with a special look at this article on Bill Parcells 
4. Interview with Dan Kadar.
5. Pick 4 (Pro Sports Only)

The two shows will stand on their own a original individual episodes of the podcast. 

Next week will the first of many baseball preview shows. Baseball will get a few preview shows and each will focus on different teams/issues/books

The first baseball show will focus on the New York Yankees. 
We have booked Sweeny Murti the Yankees beat reported for WFAN in New York, Alex Beth from the Bronx Banter Blog, and Richard Deitsch from ESPN (He will discuss the media of baseball).

The following week we will focus on the other superpower in the AL East, the Boston Red Sox. 

I visit (and follow on twitter) a variety of Apple Rumor sites. Some of them are better than others, but I am a whore to the products Apple makes and I want to learn as much as I can. Anyway, one site that I visit often is http://www.tuaw.com/ The reason I like this site so much is because like Apple it is visually stunning and pleases me aesthetically. I noticed a real cool recurring feature on the site that I like a lot. They go around at various shows and events and ask people for their three favorite iPhone Apps. They record the video, post it on the site, and conveniently link to the app itself in the App Store. So to end this blog, I give you my three favorite iPhone Apps. There is a slight catch, in a previous blog I listed my top five iPad apps. It wouldn't be fair to stop at 3 for the iPhone. SO (deep breath)... 

Here is my list of my Top 5 Apps for the iPhone

  1. Twitter: First of all, I love twitter. The very first App I ever got to use twitter on my iphone was called Tweetie. Then they put out a massive update and called it Tweetie2. Tweetie2 was not a free update and after paying $1.99 the first time I wasn't thrilled to pay another $1.99. Of course, I did. About two months latter, Twitter bought Tweetie, changed the name to Twitter and changed the price to Free. Since then, the app just keeps getting better and better. I use it on my iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and iMax. 
  2. Dropbox: Dropbox has changed how I use my various devices. Dropbox is basically a cloud program that gives you 2.0GB of free space to store stuff on their servers. Then anywhere else you have dropbox you can access the files you saved there. I can take a picture on my phone, toss it in dropbox, then go to my desktop, open dropbox and upload my picture for printing. 
  3. Instacast: Instacast is a cool new way to listen to podcasts. I no longer have to go through the process of subscribing, downloading, and then syncing just to listen to 1 episode. With Instacast makes podcasting so much easier. 
  4. SiriusXM: Finally you can listen to Stern with no equipment other than your iPhone.
  5. Directv; The reason this APP makes the cut is because other than twitter, it is the app that I use the most. I love having the ability to set my DVR to record without even being in the same state. 

Big day tomorrow, I should go to bed. Say goodnight Brees:

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