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Apple Products

If someone took the time to check, they would find out that my heart is actually shaped as an apple with a bite out of it. I can't help but think about, play with. or talk about my apple products almost all day long. Here is what you are looking at:

iPhone 4 16GB (second from the left, docked)

iPad Wi-Fi 16GB (first from the left, docked)

Apple TV (Second Generation) (All the way to the right then one stelp left, black item leaning on iMac)

iPod 5th Generation 60GB White (Not pictured)

iMac9,1 2.93 GHz (The Big one in the middle)

MacBook Pro 15inch 2.3 GHz Quad Core Intel Core i7 (All the way to the right)

Other fun stuff in the picture: Wireless Keyboard, Magic MouseiPad Keyboard Doc, my check book

In an attempt to keep up with Apple, I put my iPad and accessories on eBay with the hope of moving the items for enough money to buy the iPad2. I have to have the iPad 2. 

What do you have? I am interested to find out what kind of Apple materials you are rocking?

Do you want to buy my ipad? Sure,  I will sell it to you

The All-Time New Orleans Saints Team

The Saints Hall of Fame Selection Committee recently met to vote on an All-Saints team to commemorate the 45th year of jaw-dropping Saints action. The committee is made up of 19 members of the local media (Not ME!) and they pick a new team every five years. Here is what the well respected media members came up with:

Wide Receiver – Eric Martin* (1985-93)
Wide Receiver – Joe Horn* (2000-06)
Center – John Hill* (1975-84)
Guard – Jim Dombrowski* (1986-96)
Guard – Jahri Evans* (2006-present)
Tackle – Willie Roaf* (1993-2001)
Tackle – Stan Brock* (1980-92)
Tight End – Hoby Brenner* (1981-93)
Quarterback – Drew Brees* (2006-present)
Running Back – Dalton Hilliard* (1986-93)
Running Back – Deuce McAllister (2001-09)
Athlete – Reggie Bush (2006-present)
Defensive Line – Wayne Martin (1989-99)
Defensive Line – Jim Wilks (1981-93)
Defensive Line – Joe Johnson* (1994-98, 2000-01)
Defensive Line – Will Smith (2004-present)
Linebacker – Sam Mills* (1986-94)
Linebacker – Vaughan Johnson* (1986-93)
Linebacker – Rickey Jackson* (1981-93)
Linebacker – Pat Swilling* (1986-92)
Cornerback – Dave Waymer* (1980-89)
Cornerback – Mike McKenzie (2004-09)
Safety – Tommy Myers (1972-81)
Safety – Sammy Knight (1997-02)
Kicker – Morten Andersen* (1982-94)
Punter – Tommy Barnhardt (1987, 89-94, 99)
Special Teamer – Fred McAfee* (1991-93, 2000-06)
Kick/Punt Returner – Michael Lewis* (2001-06)
Sean Payton (2006-present)

Here is my take on Offense:

Eric Martin and Joe Horn are fine choices at wide receiver but Joe Horn wont be on the list in five years because that spot is going to be taken over by Marques Colston. 

Only one part of the line bothers me, Center. I have no idea who the guy is. It aggravates me to think a few years ago LeCharles Bentley was the best young center in the league. He made the Pro-Bowl as a rookie and had two more outstanding seasons as his rookie contract expired. LeCharles wanted to get paid. He deserved a raise. He had a family to feed. The Saints promised to pay LeCharles in due time. They were dealing with a royal pain in the ass at the time, you might have heard of it, HURRICANE KATRINA. As the summer dragged on, and the Saints hired a new head coach, signed Drew Brees, drafted Reggie Bush, rebuild the Superdome, and marched in checking one thing of the list after another, and another, and were finally getting ready to pay the future greatest Center in team history. Mr Bentley had no more patience. He vowed to never play for the Saints again. He couldn't figure out why Mickey Loomis and Coach Payton would spend a day with the fine folks at Habitat for Humanity rebuilding the city of New Orleans when they could be putting food in the mouth of the Bentley family. During Katrina, LeCharles was safe with the team, he had no family members or property to worry about in New Orleans and he didn't have to spend even one night with his phone under his pillow praying for a call from a missing family member. LeCharles ended up going home to Ohio and signing a huge contract with the Browns. During training camp, Katrina Karma smiled down on LeCharles, and he busted his patellar tendon on the very first play, during the very first practice, of his first training camp away from New Orleans. He turned into a huge fat ass, never could get the knee right, and retired in 2009 after being released by more teams than casinos on Las Vegas BLVD.

Quarterback and Running Back are slam dunks and maybe 3 of the best 5 players in the history of the franchise. Drew Bress and Deuce McAllister will be on the team forever, but Hilliard could get bumped someday. Pierre Thomas could give him a run five years from now. 

The last category on offense is something called, "ATHLETE" Five years ago, Wes Chandler was in this spot. He got passed over this time around by the GREAT REGGIE BUSH! Bush had a solid rookie season, good enough to finish third in rookie of the year voting, behind Vince Young and MJD. He was worthless in the 07 and 08 season and was more frustration than excitement. In the Super Bowl season, he was better than the previous two years and had his best NFL game in the Divisional round of the playoffs. Is this enough to be the greatest Saints Athlete of all time? I guess, but it is underwhelming. 

Defense is easier. The defensive line and linebacker spots are all the same from the 40th anniversary team with one exception. Will Smith took the sport of New Orleans Saints Hall of Famer Derland Moore. I am fine with it. I can picture Smith on the team for most of the next five years and affirming his position. The linebackers are now and will always be the Dome Patrol. 

I have a bold prediction 3 of the 4 DB sports will be different five years from now. I love Sammy Knight and i think his spot is safe, but all of the other three players could be nudged out by Jenkins, Greer, Porter of Robinson.

Specialist and Coach look good. Look at what being the greatest coach in Saints history got our beloved Coach Payton:

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A Weekend in Youngstown, Ohio...

...wouldn't have most people as excited as I am. I leave tomorrow around noon to head to Youngstown to eat dinner with some family, and then watch my brother play hockey against the Youngstown Phantoms. The best part will be after the game when I can visit with my freshly showered brother in the hallway of the arena (right near the puddles that the Zamboni makes). I wont have a tong of time, just enough to tell him how proud of him I am, give him a hug, a kiss on the check, hand of a goodie back filled with DVD's, books, and magazines. I am not going to get into just how important my brother (s) is/are to me but anyone who knows me probably figures I wont be sleeping well tonight. 

Just a Few Random Thoughts... 

  • I had a chance to play an episode of The Sports-Casters for my father-in-law tonight and I think he enjoyed it. He is a great guy but often very hard to read. 
  • I attempted to book Todd Wright last night and after a few DM's on Twitter he took away all of the enthusiasm I had for him appearing on the show.
  • I got an email from SiriusXM tonight announcing a temporary channel devoted 100% to Charlie Sheen. I can't wait to tune in.
  • I got the best American Sports Writing from 2001 in the mail today. I also booked the Series Editor, Glenn Stout for the April 5, 2011 podcast. Deegan has 2009, Don has a couple, Anthony is getting 2010. This should be a fun book club. 
On the way to Youngstown, I plan to write a blog reviewing 4 or 5 or the articles I have read for the book club so far... Say goodnight, Brees...

 (barking, barking, bark= Good Night Blogspot0

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