Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chilli's is a Bust, The Sopranos, A Few Sports Notes

I went to Chili's with the girlfriend tonight. The same girl that made her debut in the podcast last night. We had seen a commercial advertising a great deal that would get us an appetizer to share, two entrees, and an Adrian Peterson bobble head. We easily decided on the half order of Texas Fries for out appetizer and we considered our dinner options (as limited as them might have been). I wanted to get some fajitas and lucky for me Chicken Fajitas was on the list. the only problem is that Chili's serves chicken that tastes more like cardboard than chicken. I asked the waitress if I could substitute beef, I figured that since Chicken and Beef fajitas are the same price on the menu it shouldn't be a problem. Well, it was a problem, NO SUBSTITUTIONS. The whole 2 for 20 thing was a big bust. I got the beef fajitas and the half order of fries anyway. Tammy got some wrap thing. I have no idea what they wrap up in there but I was positive I saw her nibbling on a lego. I think the bill was around $30.00 and I decided Chili's is on a six-month suspension for lack of flexibility.

The Sopranos

I have been watching season one of The Sopranos the last few nights and it is fantastic television. I wonder how the series would have been different if Tony's mother Livia didn't die when she did. Her character was a tough, ruthless, rotten soul capable of okaying a hit on her own child. She would have really made Tony's life miserable has she not passed away when she did.

The most underrated part of The Sopranos has to be the dialogue. In the last fifteen minutes Tony has provided us with three laugh out loud moments. In the episode "Down Neck," Anthony Junior is caught drinking the wine in the church at his catholic grade school and then coming to gym class wasted. The school decides to bust some balls and make AJ go through some tests for ADD. When it is time to go over the results of the test, Tony is an absolute beauty disputing the finding of the test. The school is discouraged with AJ's fidgeting and Tony isn't amused. 

School Turd: He often has difficulty waiting his turn, is often quote unquote, "on the go" or acts if driven by a motor. Often interrupts or intrudes on others. And often fidgets with hands or feet.

Tony: He fidgets with hands or feet? 
School Turd: That's right. 
Tony Soprano: You mean, like, he fidgets? 
School Turd: Uh-huh. 
Tony: And that's a sickness, to fidget? 
School Turd: Mr. Soprano, it's one of nine possible symptoms. 
Tony: What constitutes a fidget? 
Carmela: Tony... 
Tony Soprano: No, no, what constitutes a fidget? I mean, so what if he fidgets? He's in school. Who doesn't fidget in school? And he doesn't wait his turn? The kid's in puberty, he gets a hard-on every ten minutes, for chrissake.

One more classic quote from Christopher before I move on. Chris is in a deli waiting to buy some pastries for the guys. When his number is up a fat man walks in and the kid behind the counter looks over Chris to serve the zeppelin that just walked in. The boy says he was in line but left to get gas. Christopher's response....

"Oh so I can go out, fuck your sister, come back Saturday and go straight to the front of the line?"
Jimmer is Sick

Some Sports Stuff I Observed:
  • It was great to see Brad Boyes get a goal in his first game with the Sabres. Amazingly, In his first game as a Sabre he was able to pass Rob Niedermayer on the all time Sabres goals list. 
  • Speaking of Niedermayer, why was he in the lineup instead of Gerbe? Gerbe has played hard the last twenty games and has been showing signs that he could be a solid NHL player. All Big Rob G Nasty has proved in the first half of the season is that he would be a really good fit on any ECHL team looking to make a playoff push. 

  • Friend of the podcast Joe Posnanski is on the back page of SI this week. Here is a link to the column.
  • I don't understand the ins and outs with what is going on between the NFL Owners and the NFL Players, and I could care less. I don't want to read about it. I don't want to pick a side. I just want it to be fixed so football can go on as it is supposed to. 
  • I was shocked to see on twitter earlier when it was announced that AJ Hawk was released by the Packers. In other news, Animal is very proud of his son for making the NFL. 
  • On Tuesday, Jonah Keri's new book The Extra 2% hits the shelves at all the bookstores nation wide. I read it and it is fantastic. He will be on the Sports-Casters to talk to us about it on March 22. 
  • Brandon Davies was kicked off of the BYU basketball team for breaking the team's honor code. I have heard whispers that his crime was having sex before marriage. In the first game since the suspension, Jimmer stood tall with 33 but his team lost to a 19-11 New Mexico team. I feel bad for BYU. They were going to be a ton of fun to root for in the tournament. Jimmer and his three-point bombs from Cambodia, a bunch of white kids balling their asses off, cinderella, a mid-major getting a one seed, all of that would have made for fun during the tournament. Is it still possible. 
  • Tomorrow is the last NCAA Power Rankings column of the season on SI.COM and you have to check it out.
Alright a few more minutes of The Sopranos and then sleep. 


  1. I hated Tony's mom. I didn't know they had to write her out because the actress died. That said, it doesn't make me hate Tony's mom any less.

  2. Often interrupts or intrudes on others. And often fidgets with hands or feet .personal trainer elwood
    I wonder how the series would have been different if Tony's mother Livia didn't die when she did .