Thursday, March 10, 2011

Book Club

The Book Club

To me the book club is goo fun. I have had a blast so far with The Best American Sports Writing series being the book of the month. I have ordered copies from Amazon, I have pass out copies to friends, and I have spent hours on the couch just reading through a volume of the series. Today, I planned on blogging a bit, but I got side tracked with articles from the 2008 version of the book. Now, its 2:00 in the morning and Livia just gave the okay for Junior to whack Tony. I should really go to bed.

Before I do that, I want to tell you about three articles I enjoyed in the 2008 book and they were all penned by people we know (sort of). 

The first two articles were written about Bo Jackson. The first was from the mind of our friend Joe Posnaski.  

Here is a link... Part of the story is in the comments:

The second was a longer piece about Bo written for It was called Bo Knows Best and written by Michael Weinreb. It is a really cool piece and can still be found.

They are both a basic reminder of how great of an athlete Jackson was before a bum hip took him away from football and for all intensive purposes baseball too. I can remember Bo was hurt just before the Bills were to play his Raiders in the 1991 AFC Championship Game. I think BO was listed as questionable and it was the talk of Art Wander's sports talk show that whole week. Will Bo play? Nope, not next week, never again. Bo knows hip injuries. 

The last piece I read was written by Michael Lewis the Babe Ruth of non-fiction writing. He wrote about kickers and started with Rob Dempsy setting the record 63 yard field goal at Tulane Stadium. He goes on to talk about modern day kicker and how missing importnat kicks carries more weight than random kicks during the season. He also touches on the issue of clutch, and if anyone can actually be clutch. I hope the Scorecasting guys did deep into the issue of being clutch and if its possible in the sequel. 

That is all for now. I will type more about more subjects later. In the mean time, say goodnight, Brees. 

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